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I just noticed how much you remind me of Talia.

Ben-yay! #beignet #downtowndisney

Miyajima Deer The deer are a symbol of Miyajima and you can see them elegantly wandering the island everywhere. The deer are sacred and believed to be a messenger of the gods in Shinto. They are treated very well by the locals and aren’t afraid of people.


by Tori Steffen


'Zitkala-Ša, a Yankton Sioux Native American woman who made her mark as a champion of Native American rights and as an accomplished author and musician. She and her husband, Raymond Bonnin, founded the National Council of American Indians in 1926 to advocate for full citizenship rights for Native Americans.’

that relatable feeling when


you are a kind and benevolent god radiating beauty and light


abandoned castle in france by choas and creation in the backyard